How it works

Complete your order in just 4 easy steps...

1. Choose your card type

There are two types of card to choose from, both with different benefits. Choose the type that suits your needs best.

  • Physical gift cards

    These are recyclable gift cards presented in a card holder. Each Town and City Gift Card has their own unique design. They are sent directly to you so can distribute them in person.

  • E-cards

    Coming soon to our bulk ordering platform! The present is digital! If you would like to find out more about digital gift cards then please get in touch via

2. Choose your Town & City Gift Card

With over 70 plus cards to choose from, finding a town or city local to you shouldn’t be a problem. You can also order cards for multiple locations - perfect for bringing the personal touch to your nationwide connections.

3. Payment

Payments for your order can be taken in two ways. You can pay via payment link or an invoice with BAC's payment for ease.

  • Pay by invoice

    For all orders over £2k, you'll automatically be sent an invoice. Once the invoice is issued and your payment's received, we'll send out your cards (NB: they can't be sent before payment is received).

  • Pay by credit or debit card

    If you're placing an order you can pay by credit card via a secure payment link. (Visa and Mastercard only). You will automatically be sent an invoice. Contact us and we will send over your secure payment link.

4a. Delivering your physical gift cards

There are 2 delivery services to choose from - Standard or Express. The Express service is tracked. If your order is over £500 your cards are sent locked and inactive for security purposes. When your cards are received please contact us prior to gifting so these can be unlocked and activated ready for you to gift.

4b. Delivering your digital gift cards

Coming soon!

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