Introducing Miconex’s Coupon Delivery

An innovative and seamless method to distribute gift cards to your valued staff. Simply choose the desired product and values for recognition, and we'll give you a unique URL to effortlessly share with your team. Empower your staff to select between a physical or E- Gift card*, and decide their preferred delivery location. Eliminate the stress of reward distribution—no more concerns about the distribution timing or the logistics of reaching remote workers. Experience hassle-free rewards with Miconex Coupon Delivery.

Choose your cards

Decide how you want to reward your staff, what Gift Card and what values you would like.


We'll provide you with an exclusive URL for sharing with your staff. This link enables the recipient to order the specified cards and value seamlessly.


Payments can be taken in two ways (depending on your spending). Under £2k? Pay by card or invoice. Over £2k? Invoice it is. Invoices are automatically generated as soon as you place your order.


The recipient receives the URL in an email from you that will take them straight to Town & City Gift Card, where they can see the gift card, where they can spend. The recipient then has the option to select either a physical or E- Gift Card* (if available for Gift Card program) and where they would like it delivered to.

Spend Reward

They receive their reward in the most fitting way for them so they can start spending it at local businesses, turning you into a local hero.

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